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You may have heard of or read about our 12 Day Programme in the media. It is the secret weapon of many actors, fitness models and busy professionals who need to make a stunning transformation in just 12 days. It’s not for everyone. Others can claim, but ONLY we can do it! 

  • 12 consecutive days, just under two weeks training each day for only 20 minutes
  • 12 Personal Training sessions
  • 2 consultations – nutritional advice, full body analysis including body fat calculation, measurements, progress pictures and much more – take place at the start and end of the 12 days
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – lose on average 7.5lbs of fat in 12 days


Our exclusive Educogym University research carried out in 2006 in the University of East London has shown that Educogym results over a 12 day period and a total of 4 hours of weight training – i.e. 20 minutes daily – were, on average, a gain of 3 pounds of muscle and a loss of 7.5 lbs. of fat. This change of nearly 1 pound a day would be enough to literally transform the average person’s body.




Every year from the age of 30, we lose ½lb of our muscle tissue .This means that even if we maintain the same weight throughout our lifetime, fat is constantly replacing our youthful firm muscle tissue. This loss also includes tissue from our vital organs, such as our heart or liver, which can potentially lead to other issues such as cardiovascular problems or poor functioning of organs such as liver, brain, heart and reduced hormonal secretion. As a result our bodies go from shapely to shapeless as we lose our strength and feel, look and become older. It has long been known that an increase in the body’s lean muscle tissue causes an increase in metabolism; the rate at which the body burns food and fat for energy.

We have made the solution simple. To stay fit and in shape, it is essential to regain, maintain or increase your muscle mass.  The use of resistance weights allows our fully qualified and insured trainers to sculpt your dream body. Our clients also enjoy the benefit of a healthy & tasty nutritional programme as designed by our fully qualified in-house nutritionists. We use our training, expertise and information to educate our clients about their health and nutrition as well as fitness. We have programmes to suit every one of all shapes and sizes and our clients range in age from 15 years to 73 years.


Would you be interested in a Time Machine that could turn back the muscle clock an average of 6 years in only 12 days? Remember that after the age of 30 we lose a half a pound of muscle a year, so 3lbs of muscle regained = 6 years!

The educogym™ machine has been specifically designed for the educogym style of training as it allows you to do more exercise in less time. One of the key elements to the results is training with intensity, which means minimising the rest periods between exercises. This  would not be possible to replicate in your conventional gym as ten minutes out of a twenty minute workout would be wasted simply by moving from one machine to the next, changing weights and setting up the machine. With the educogym™ machine it is possible to train with maximum intensity with next to no rest periods.
To do all this, it was necessary to develop a revolutionary new exercise machine; we call it The Time Machine because of the transformation, body change and rejuvenating possibilities of this unique machine.


ken Kenneth after 12 days*

lisaLisa after 12 days*

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