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You may want to focus on increasing your fitness, circulation, muscle building or fat loss; build your arms or shrink your legs. Everybody is different and  Educogym Cork Personal Trainers can help you achieve your goal!

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 All Educogym® Personal Trainers individualise your exercise program for your needs.



If you have read the science behind the Educogym® you will understand the importance of maintaining or increasing muscle. It makes sense that exercise is a part of this system to activate the muscles in the body. However, you may not know that many types of exercise can be catabolic – i.e. they causes muscle loss. Our Personal Trainers can help you sculpt the body of your dreams!


There are many reasons why it is so easy to make the Educogym® system part of your lifestyle. Firstly it only takes 20 minutes, a few times a week; therefore it is much easier to stay focused and avoid boredom. Secondly, armed with the training in focus and concentration, you can experience a mental workout that keeps your mind clear throughout. Thirdly, the intense nature of the exercise produces endorphins in the brain, giving you that feel-good factor. This all leads to a workout which is both enjoyable and leaves you feeling invigorated, ready to take on the world! Finally, our Personal Trainers supervise your every move and constantly motivate and encourage all clients to get the best out of their workouts.


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Personal Trainer Team

Michael Hopkins
Non-Executive Director & Gym Manager Glanmire

Michael HopkinsMichael is a trainer at Educogym Glanmire and has been working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 8 years. Michael has completed an ITEC Personal Training and Nutrition qualification, a Fetac Level 5 Diploma in Health and Fitness and holds a First Aid Certificate including training in A.E.D – automated external defibrillator. He is also a qualified life guard and spinning instructor.  Michael Hopkins: “Over the last 8 years I developed a very personal way of dealing with people, and I absolutely love what I do. I strive to help people as much as I can and will encourage and motivate people to reach any goal they desire. I have a Diploma in Social Science from the University College Cork, having this benefits me greatly in my work, as I have the skills and knowledge to deal with my clients.”

Kenneth Harrington
Gym Manager Penrose Wharf

Kenneth has been involved in the fitness industry for the past several years. Kenneth is a qualified Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor and Group Instructor and holds a certificate in Nutrition.

Martin Downey
Personal Trainer

Martin has always had an interest in fitness and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a Personal Trainer. Martin has an ITEC Diploma in Personal Training and Nutrition from New Minds College. Martin has been working in the fitness industry for a number of years and has extensive experience in personal training.

Andrejs Malcevs
Personal Trainer

For the past 12 years Andrejs has dedicated his life to building a strong and healthy physique. From a young age he had a passion for healthy food and nutrition and worked hard to become a qualified chef.  Andrejs joined Educogym because he always dreamt about being a Personal Trainer, to help others improve and change while sharing his knowledge and education about health and fitness. Andrejs completed an ITEC course in Personal Training, Nutrition, and Fitness Instructing and also holds a certificate in studio boxercise.

Personal Trainer

Raje has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 8 years. He holds a Cerificate in Personal Training and has firsthand experience teaching a variety of fitness methods such as Bodybuilding, CrossFit and Mixed Martial Arts. Raje’s goal is to help his clients achieve their goals and to assist clients create the best version of themselves through fitness.

Alan O’Mahony
Personal Trainer

Alan O'Mahony - PTAlan completed his ITEC Diploma in Personal Training with New Minds College and studied Nutrition for Physical Activity. Alan is devoted to motivating and helping all of his clients achieve their goals. Alan has always wanted to pursue his natural passion for nutritional health and fitness. Alan’s love for his job is evident in every personal training session and he always gives 100% effort. Alan O’Mahony: The reason I became a personal trainer was to help people achieve their goals both mentally and physically. I wanted to pass on my deep nutritional knowledge to others. It is extremely rewarding that my encouragement has a positive impact on my clients. “