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At Educogym our Nutritionists use cutting edge Low GI nutrition & HI TECH food based supplements:

No starvation diets, just good nutrition

The aim of the Educogym® Nutrition Program is to educate clients in how they can draw out their perfect body from within. The core understanding of the program is that most people are eating an unnatural diet which upsets the balance of the hormones in our bodies. This statement could not be truer than in recent times with the introduction of various fad diets and fast food outlets. Low GI is very easy to understand once you know the basics. GI stands for the glycaemic index which measures the effect of food on your blood sugar levels. Pure white sugar has a score of 100 which means when you consume white sugar your blood sugar levels sky rocket up. Having your blood sugar this high is toxic to the body, so it then has to get it down immediately. The hormone insulin is then secreted which brings the blood sugar levels back down. This then in turn means the GI (glycaemic index) also measures insulin secretion. That is high GI food and drink cause more insulin to be secreted as they cause the blood sugar to rise very high. This is the most important part to understand; it’s the insulin that is the problem. Insulin is responsible for fat accumulation. More insulin equals more fat accumulation. Constant high GI foods drives the insulin up. Hopefully from this you can see the pattern of why someone is likely to accumulate fat if they are always eating high GI foods.

Do I need to take the supplements?

At educogym our Nutritionists recommend hi-tech food based supplements. They can really help with the results as they help to fill in the gaps in a person’s nutrition. They will help you burn more fat and put on more muscle. The supplements are optional but we do highly recommend them.


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Educogym Cork

Irene Twohig
Owner of Educogym Cork

Irene has extensive experience working in the Health and Fitness Industry and has a very high success rate in helping clients to lose weight with her knowledge of fitness and nutrition. She trains each of her staff to offer a 5 star level of customer service to every client and believes that anyone can achieve the dream body that they desire through the Educogym proven system of results. She has a Diploma in Holistic Dietetics and Nutrition and an ITEC qualification in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training.

Penrose Wharf - Nutrition and Reception Team

Catherine Roche

Catherine has 12 years experience working in the Weight Management and Fitness Industry. Catherine has a Diploma in Yoga Instruction and has an ITEC qualification in Nutrition. Resistance training plays a key role in her own personal life.

Aimee Higgins


Aimee completed the ITEC Nutrition for Physical Activity and also studied Nutrition and Health in UCC. Aimee has vast experience in the Health and Industry having previously worked with Irish Organic Food company, Just Food, for over 7 years designing and creating nutritionally rich, high protein, low fat recipes.

Glanmire - Nutrition and Reception Team

Michelle Walsh

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 09.59.45

Michelle is our head nutritionist in Educogym Glanmire and has a Diploma in Holistic Dietetics and Nutrition from the Irish Health Culture Association. Michelle loves her job and has been working in the Health and Fitness Industry for the past 6 years. In 2015 Michelle won the Little Island Customer Service Person of the Year Award, which was well deserved.

Amy Whitty

Amy's Head Shot

Amy won the Little Island Customer Service Person of the Year 2016 award. Amy has an ITEC qualification in Nutrition and a huge personal interest in Health and Fitness industry, the clients love her bubbly and friendly personality. Amy was as a professional dancer and finds weight training excellent for strengthening her core and creating a lean physique.

Ballincollig - Nutrition and Reception Team

Cody O’Neill
Personal Trainer


Cody is ITEC qualified in Fitness Instructing with Personal Training and Nutrition. Cody decided to pursue a career in the Health and Fitness Industry because fitness has been a positive element in his life for the past number of years.

Joanne Kenny


Joanne is currently studying for an ITEC Award in Nutrition. Joanne has always had an interest in Health and Fitness and since working at Educogym she trains three times per week on our time machine. Joanne transformed her physique with weight training. Joanne has always been slim, however the Educogym Model has helped her to tone all over, add definition and increase fitness levels. Joanne is also a qualified Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist.