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If you have been to Educogym Cork then you will know that our handshake is key! Every client is greeted at every session with a handshake from our trainers, to guarantee a warm welcome daily.

Read current and past client reviews to see why Educogym is Cork’s number 1 Personal Training Studio!

10 weeks ago I walked into Educogym at the debts of despair, I was so depressed about weight, I was so tired and had no energy. I slept during the day and all night and still woke up tired. I’m being very honest here I was a high dose of antidepressants, I was just cruising along every day and comfort eating at night. Ten weeks ago I changed my life, I made a decision on a whim from the moment I walked in to Educogym I felt so comfortable. The girls at the desk were so lovely especially Michelle; omg what a woman she is! The lads in the gym are so motivational and help you every step of the way and do not put unrealistic goals on you.

The 20 minute workout flies by. I have a way to go yet, but I’m excited for my future, ” for me” and for my kids to have a Mom who has energy for them. I feel so good and I’ve cut down my meds and I’m up so early every day and not taking naps. 10 WEEKS girls and lads if you really want to change your perception on life for you I highly highly recommend you go to Educogym Glanmire. I swear to god you won’t regret it, it’s hard work and its determination, but it’s so so worth it

Terry Garde

Would 100% recommend Educogym Glanmire. In 10 weeks I lost 29 Pounds and over 8% Body Fat. Mike and the team are excellent at what they do and very friendly! Between weekly weigh ins, excellent nutrition advice and motivational trainers  Educogym Glanmire will help you achieve your healthy living and fitness goal! 5* plus from me!

Ruairi Doran

2 months ago my friend had just joined Educogym. Inspired by her determination I decided to give it a go too. If I’m totally honest I did not think this would do anything for me. I had been in a dark place drinking copious amounts of wine ‘ and just felt like I was just stuck in a rut just going with flow every day.

I napped on the couch (alot) having absolutely no energy for my children or anything in life. My self-esteem was rock bottom and I really didn’t care about anything anymore. I met with the team in Educogym and over a few sessions felt very understood and comfortable. I fell in love with the exercise and the food plan, both very very doable.

They are an absolutely fantastic team and really are there to help. I have gone from all of the above to feeling full of energy, happy and my self-esteem is amazing. I am also 1 stone down in only 8 weeks and my body shape has completely changed. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Educogym to everybody. Mike and the team are very understanding and extremely friendly.

Vanessa Fitzgerald

Before starting the program, I had identified that I was eating too much proceed foods with a high concentrate of sugar. I could do with a good sweat from a workout to keep my weight under control. I cycled once or twice a week for 30 to 50 minutes at a time which helped with my aerobic fitness, but I did not really tackle me eating habits, I was only 50% committed to making the correct lifestyle changes for a happier and healthier life.

Now three months after Educogym, I have to tell you about my current health benefits. I have had excellent support from all the trainers during each of the small group training sessions and my weekly check-ups on weight and my diet. They inspired me to work at my body and clean up my diet. Now my body is stronger, fitter and I really do not have any more sugar cravings, which used to end up in eating a load of chocolate. My attention span is better and my attention to detail is clearer. My motivation to work harder at my goals is stronger and as a result; my customers are getting a lot more out of their golf coaching experience with me, but right now and for the last number of weeks I feel great about me!

John Dooley, PGA Golf Coach based in Riverstown, Glanmire, Co. Cork

I always wanted a better shape/physic.  I have joined traditional gyms and used personal trainers to date, but I have achieved a better shape in a few weeks with Educogym than I have with other gyms.  I really enjoy the 3 sessions per week and early fit it in at 6am before work in the morning.   The staff are all friendly and really motivate me at each session.  So far so good.  Looking forward to the results for the next few months.

Padraig O’Driscoll

The staff are always so encouraging and have time for you. I feel so much better and feel way more toned.

Suzanne O’Neill

Excellent gym with excellent staff. Joined Educogym a few years ago to lose weight, completed the 12 day program with amazing results. Going 3 times per week to maintain what I have achieved.

Nicola O’Doherty

I’ve done Educogym two times after the births of my two children. I can safely say it’s the only thing that has worked for me and the results are amazing. I would highly recommend Educogym.

Maryanne Wyles

Educogym staff are amazing, so helpful and really know their stuff. I have lost well over a stone and feeling much more happy and confident in myself. I can really see the difference!

Gavin Wilson

Educogym has made me feel so much better both physically and mentally. It is much more beneficial than if I went to a gym by myself. I would recommend Educogym to anyone, an incredible service.

Jack O’Neill

I have been using the Educogym for about 10 months and I have benefited hugely from my membership. I have lost almost 2 stone. My attitude to exercise has changed and I feel much healthier and happier as a direct result, it has improved my confidence. I have benefited in so many ways from the membership. I would recommend it to friends and family and anyone who asks.

Michael Mullins

I began with Educogym Glanmire this year and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. In my time there I have lost over a stone and I am thrilled with the results. I have always struggled with my weight and this is the best result I have had to date!  All staff are so supportive and motivate me constantly to get to my next target. I enjoy being able to buy smaller clothes when out shopping! My confidence has improved and hopefully it will continue to improve as I hit each milestone.


Since starting Educogym, I feel much more energised and better about myself in general.
Thoroughly enjoying the plan – varied and great instructions in a non-intimidating environment.
Highly recommended.

Averil Smith

I’m really enjoying the Educogym, I feel great and have much more confidence. The staff are great and super positive. I’d recommend it to anyone!!

Saoirse Rodgers

Joining Educogym has been an extremely positive experience for me. It has given me the support and drive no other gym could ever give and to think it all began with a chat and now I’m weeks into my programme feeling better than ever.

Educogym Glanmire Client

My experience has been very positive since I started in the Educogym. The sessions are short, but high intensity so perfect to fit into a busy day. Trainers are fantastic and staff are very helpful and friendly. So far so good!!


As a busy working mum, Educogym has been a lifesaver! Intensive short workout sessions mean I can fit them into my crazy schedule with work and family life. Knowing I have support through the team regarding diet and training. It is a one stop shop covering everything I need to help achieve maximum potential.
Amazing Staff!

Natasha Lynch

I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the team at Educogym Cork. I have been training in Penrose Wharf Cork since January 2015 in preparation for climbing Mount Kinabalu in Borneo.  The weight training really helped with the climb as there was some rope use during the trip.

Colette Doonan

I started Educogym with no specific goal other than to become a fitter, healthier person. The guys and girls here in Glanmire set me some really realistic goals and now, nearly 2 months on, I have lost almost 2 stone and have become a happier, fitter and healthier person. I’d never go anywhere else other than the Educogym now. Thanks to all the gang, especially Derek who have helped me get to where I am today!

TJ O’Dwyer

My experience has been very positive since I started in the Educogym. The sessions are short but high intensity so perfectly fit into my busy day. The trainers are fantastic and the staff are so helpful and friendly! So far, so good!*

Rachel O’Donovan

Absolutely love it! I can feel and see the difference in myself since the first week. The staff and trainers are so flexible and professional. I can feel my strength increase so much.*

Emer Gilroy

I’m really enjoying Educogym. I feel great and have much more confidence. The staff are great and super positive. I’d recommend it to anyone!*

Saoirse Rodgers

What Educogym means to me: Great training sessions, highly motivating and friendly staff and excellent facilities.*

Ciaran Hourigan

Since starting Educogym, I feel much more energised and better about myself overall. I am thoroughly enjoying the programme- it is varied with great instructors in a non-intimidating environment! I’d highly recommend it!*

Averil Smith

Educogym is brilliant and the best thing about it are the friendly staff and encouraging personal trainers. You always feel great leaving the gym!*

Grace O’Rourke

When I joined Educogym Glanmire, I was concerned about not just losing weight and toning up but about keeping the weight off and maintaining a healthy attitude to food and exercise. Healthy eating and regular exercise is common sense but it is the motivation behind staying fit and healthy that can mean success or failure.

The Team at Educogym are really dedicated to helping me to achieve my goals, their encouragement and support during the initial 12 week programme was fantastic. The tailor-made eating plan and personalised training sessions helped me to lose more weight than I expected to lose and I saw wonderful results in the tone, shape and posture of my body. I have been at Educogym for 9 months now and I continue to maintain my weight as the maintenance programme is straight-forward and easy to stick to and the weekly weigh-ins keep me focused, especially during times when it is easy to “stray!”

My goals are changing every few weeks as my body gets stronger. The instructors are great at varying and adapting my training routines as my requirements change. A big thank you to EVERYBODY at Educogym Glanmire. Their positive attitudes and dedication to helping me achieve and surpass my goals is very much appreciated. I feel great and I look great! I am stronger and healthier than I have been in years. I am more motivated and have seen a rise in my energy levels. It has given me the confidence to push myself more both inside and outside the gym.*

Karen Condon

I initially started a 3 month course in Educogym 3 years ago to get in shape for a holiday to Miami. I became addicted & still go 3 times a week. I tried lots of gyms over the years but Educogym is totally different from everyone else in Cork. I love the personal training; you can’t give up if a trainer is standing over you encouraging you. There is always a great atmosphere. The nutritional plan is very manageable & you feel great from all the healthy but tasty food. I feel very lean & full of energy. I live a hectic lifestyle so the 20 minute sessions suit me perfectly.*

Vivienne Kelly, Director of Lockdown Models, Cork

I cannot recommend EducoGym enough. After Operation Transformation I still had a lot of weight to lose and these guys have helped me achieve my ultimate goal. Since I have started, I have lost 2 stone and nearly 30 inches! I feel amazing and the 20 minute sessions work perfectly with my 2 kids. I was so surprised that 3x 20 minute sessions a week could have such amazing results.*

Deirdre Hosford, Operation Transformation Leader 2013

As a business owner you are constantly faced with new challenges on a daily basis. Through Educogym, I have found that by increasing my physical fitness I have seen positive knock on effects in my work. I have a clear mind for making decisions each day and I have confidence in my own strength both physically and mentally.

My personal fitness had been pushed down the list of priorities but with the scheduled appointments at Educogym it made me find the time to fit it in. The short sessions suit my lifestyle as time is always in short supply. I like to set goals and then see results and Educogym has allowed me to do that for my own personal health & fitness.

After initially losing weight and starting to tone up I am now able to work with the trainers to focus on particular areas of my body that I want to work on more specifically. I enjoy the personal service and the overall ambience at Educogym.*

Julia Lynes, Owner of Eazy Cork & President of Network Ireland

I initially joined the 12 week programme and lost 6lbs in the first twelve days and was so pleased that I joined for the year. After a year of an exercise regime which is an intense 20 min workout with few pauses I have lost over a stone and am down one dress size. What I like is that each workout is monitored by a trainer and Irene and her team are great motivators and are very passionate and professional about what they do. I go three mornings a week and it really suits my lifestyle*

Catherine Ryan, Owner of Isaacs Restaurant, Cork